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Involved Source Files credentials.go Package constant wraps Telegram-defined constants. ids.go tdlib_ids.go uploads.go
Package-Level Type Names (only one, which is exported)
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TDLibPeerID is TDLib's peer ID. Channel sets TDLibPeerID value as channel. Chat sets TDLibPeerID value as chat. IsChannel whether that given ID is channel ID. IsChat whether that given ID is chat ID. IsUser whether that given ID is user ID. ToPlain converts TDLib ID to plain ID. User sets TDLibPeerID value as user.
Package-Level Constants (total 18, all are exported)
AnonymousBotUserID is user ID of the bot which is shown as the sender of anonymous group messages when viewed from an outdated client. See
ChannelBotUserID is user ID of sender of message which sent by anonymous user (as channel). See
MaxTDLibChannelID is maximum channel TDLib ID.
MaxTDLibChatID is maximum chat TDLib ID.
MaxTDLibUserID is maximum user TDLib ID.
RepliesBotUserID is special user ID of Replies. See
ServiceNotificationUserID is service notification user ID.
TestAnonymousBotUserID is AnonymousBotUserID for test DCs.
Test-only credentials. Can be used with AddrTest and TestAuth to test authentication. Reference: -
Test-only credentials. Can be used with AddrTest and TestAuth to test authentication. Reference: -
TestChannelBotUserID is ChannelBotUserID for test DCs.
TestRepliesBotUserID is RepliesBotUserID for test DCs.
UploadMaxParts is maximum parts count. Each part should have a sequence number, file_part, with a value ranging from 0 to 3,999.
UploadMaxPartSize is maximum size of single part. `524288 % part_size = 0` (512KB must be evenly divisible by part_size)
UploadMaxSmallSize is maximum size of small file. Use upload.saveBigFilePart in case the full size of the file is more than 10 MB and upload.saveFilePart for smaller files
UploadPadding is part size padding. `part_size % 1024 = 0` (divisible by 1KB)
ZeroTDLibChannelID is minimum channel TDLib ID.
ZeroTDLibSecretChatID is minimum secret chat TDLib ID.