package rtcov

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	internal/coverage/rtcov (on

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CovCounterBlob is a container for encapsulating a counter section (BSS variable) for an instrumented Go module. Here "counters" points to the counter payload and "len" is the number of uint32 entries in the section. Counters *uint32 Len uint64
CovMetaBlob is a container for holding the meta-data symbol (an RODATA variable) for an instrumented Go package. Here "p" points to the symbol itself, "len" is the length of the sym in bytes, and "hash" is an md5sum for the sym computed by the compiler. When the init function for a coverage-instrumented package executes, it will make a call into the runtime which will create a covMetaBlob object for the package and chain it onto a global list. // coverage.CounterGranularity // coverage.CounterMode Hash [16]byte Len uint32 P *byte PkgID int PkgPath string