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Involved Source Files Package intern lets you make smaller comparable values by boxing a larger comparable value (such as a 16 byte string header) down into a globally unique 8 byte pointer. The globally unique pointers are garbage collected with weak references and finalizers. This package hides that.
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A Value pointer is the handle to an underlying comparable value. See func Get for how Value pointers may be used. Get returns the comparable value passed to the Get func that returned v. func Get(cmpVal any) *Value func GetByString(s string) *Value
Package-Level Functions (total 6, in which 2 are exported)
Get returns a pointer representing the comparable value cmpVal. The returned pointer will be the same for Get(v) and Get(v2) if and only if v == v2, and can be used as a map key.
GetByString is identical to Get, except that it is specialized for strings. This avoids an allocation from putting a string into an interface{} to pass as an argument to Get.
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