package gf256

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Involved Source Files Package gf256 implements arithmetic over the Galois Field GF(256).
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A Field represents an instance of GF(256) defined by a specific polynomial. Add returns the sum of x and y in the field. Exp returns the base-α exponential of e in the field. If e < 0, Exp returns 0. Inv returns the multiplicative inverse of x in the field. If x == 0, Inv returns 0. Log returns the base-α logarithm of x in the field. If x == 0, Log returns -1. Mul returns the product of x and y in the field. func NewField(poly, α int) *Field func NewRSEncoder(f *Field, c int) *RSEncoder var *Field
An RSEncoder implements Reed-Solomon encoding over a given field using a given number of error correction bytes. ECC writes to check the error correcting code bytes for data using the given Reed-Solomon parameters. func NewRSEncoder(f *Field, c int) *RSEncoder
Package-Level Functions (total 6, in which 2 are exported)
NewField returns a new field corresponding to the polynomial poly and generator α. The Reed-Solomon encoding in QR codes uses polynomial 0x11d with generator 2. The choice of generator α only affects the Exp and Log operations.
NewRSEncoder returns a new Reed-Solomon encoder over the given field and number of error correction bytes.