package obfuscator

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Involved Source Files dialer.go Package obfuscator contains some MTProxy obfuscation utilities.
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Conn is net.Conn wrapper to use Obfuscator. Conn net.Conn Obfuscator Obfuscator Close closes the connection. Any blocked Read or Write operations will be unblocked and return errors. ( Conn) Handshake(protocol [4]byte, dc int, s mtproxy.Secret) error LocalAddr returns the local network address, if known. Read implements io.Reader. RemoteAddr returns the remote network address, if known. SetDeadline sets the read and write deadlines associated with the connection. It is equivalent to calling both SetReadDeadline and SetWriteDeadline. A deadline is an absolute time after which I/O operations fail instead of blocking. The deadline applies to all future and pending I/O, not just the immediately following call to Read or Write. After a deadline has been exceeded, the connection can be refreshed by setting a deadline in the future. If the deadline is exceeded a call to Read or Write or to other I/O methods will return an error that wraps os.ErrDeadlineExceeded. This can be tested using errors.Is(err, os.ErrDeadlineExceeded). The error's Timeout method will return true, but note that there are other possible errors for which the Timeout method will return true even if the deadline has not been exceeded. An idle timeout can be implemented by repeatedly extending the deadline after successful Read or Write calls. A zero value for t means I/O operations will not time out. SetReadDeadline sets the deadline for future Read calls and any currently-blocked Read call. A zero value for t means Read will not time out. SetWriteDeadline sets the deadline for future Write calls and any currently-blocked Write call. Even if write times out, it may return n > 0, indicating that some of the data was successfully written. A zero value for t means Write will not time out. Write implements io.Writer. *Conn : Obfuscator *Conn : internal/bisect.Writer Conn : io.Closer *Conn : io.ReadCloser *Conn : io.Reader *Conn : io.ReadWriteCloser *Conn : io.ReadWriter *Conn : io.WriteCloser *Conn : io.Writer *Conn : net.Conn func FakeTLS(rand io.Reader, conn net.Conn) *Conn func Obfuscated2(rand io.Reader, conn net.Conn) *Conn
Obfuscator represents MTProxy obfuscator. ( Obfuscator) Handshake(protocol [4]byte, dc int, s mtproxy.Secret) error ( Obfuscator) Read(p []byte) (n int, err error) ( Obfuscator) Write([]byte) (int, error) *Conn * * Obfuscator : internal/bisect.Writer Obfuscator : io.Reader Obfuscator : io.ReadWriter Obfuscator : io.Writer
Package-Level Functions (total 3, in which 2 are exported)
FakeTLS creates new FakeTLS connection.
Obfuscated2 creates new obfuscated2 connection.