package mtproxy

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Involved Source Files Package mtproxy contains MTProxy transport implementations. secret.go
Package-Level Type Names (total 2, both are exported)
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Secret represents MTProxy secret. CloakHost string Secret []byte Tag byte Type SecretType ExpectedCodec returns codec from secret tag if it exists. func ParseSecret(secret []byte) (Secret, error) func*FakeTLS).Handshake(protocol [4]byte, dc int, s Secret) error func*Obfuscated2).Handshake(protocol [4]byte, dc int, s Secret) error func [4]byte, dc int, s Secret) error
SecretType represents MTProxy secret type. const Secured const Simple const TLS
Package-Level Functions (only one, which is exported)
ParseSecret checks and parses secret.
Package-Level Constants (total 3, all are exported)
Secured is dd-secret.
Simple is a basic MTProxy secret.
TLS is fakeTLS MTProxy secret. First byte should be ee.