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Involved Source Files accept.go errors.go options.go Package qrlogin provides QR login flow implementation. See token.go
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LoggedIn is signal channel to notify about tg.UpdateLoginToken. func OnLoginToken(d interface{OnLoginToken(tg.LoginTokenHandler)}) LoggedIn func QR.Auth(ctx context.Context, loggedIn LoggedIn, show func(ctx context.Context, token Token) error, exceptIDs ...int64) (*tg.AuthAuthorization, error)
MigrationNeededError reports that Telegram requested DC migration to continue login. MigrateTo *tg.AuthLoginTokenMigrateTo Tried indicates that the migration was attempted. Deprecated: do not use. QR login uses migrate function passed via options. Error implements error. *MigrationNeededError : error
Options of QR. Clock clock.Clock Migrate func(ctx context.Context, dcID int) error func NewQR(api *tg.Client, appID int, appHash string, opts Options) QR
QR implements Telegram QR login flow. Accept accepts given token. See Auth generates new QR login token, shows it and awaits acceptation. NB: Show callback may be called more than once if QR expires. Export exports new login token. See Import imports accepted token. See func NewQR(api *tg.Client, appID int, appHash string, opts Options) QR func*Client).QR() QR
Token represents Telegram QR Login token. Expires returns token expiration time. Image returns QR image. String implements fmt.Stringer. URL returns login URL. See Token : fmt.Stringer func NewToken(token []byte, expires int) Token func ParseTokenURL(u string) (Token, error) func QR.Export(ctx context.Context, exceptIDs ...int64) (Token, error) func AcceptQR(ctx context.Context, raw *tg.Client, t Token) (*tg.Authorization, error) func QR.Accept(ctx context.Context, t Token) (*tg.Authorization, error)
Package-Level Functions (total 5, all are exported)
AcceptQR accepts given token. See
NewQR creates new QR
NewToken creates new Token.
OnLoginToken sets handler for given dispatcher and returns signal channel.
ParseTokenURL creates Token from given URL.