package godebugs

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Involved Source Files Package godebugs provides a table of known GODEBUG settings, for use by a variety of other packages, including internal/godebug, runtime, runtime/metrics, and cmd/go/internal/load.
Package-Level Type Names (only one, which is exported)
/* sort exporteds by: | */
An Info describes a single known GODEBUG setting. // minor version when default changed, if any; 21 means Go 1.21 // name of the setting ("panicnil") // value that restores behavior prior to Changed // setting does not export information to runtime/metrics using [internal/godebug.Setting.IncNonDefault] // package that uses the setting ("runtime") func Lookup(name string) *Info
Package-Level Functions (only one, which is exported)
Lookup returns the Info with the given name.
Package-Level Variables (only one, which is exported)
All is the table of known settings, sorted by Name. Note: After adding entries to this table, run 'go generate runtime/metrics' to update the runtime/metrics doc comment. (Otherwise the runtime/metrics test will fail.) Note: After adding entries to this table, update the list in doc/ as well. (Otherwise the test in this package will fail.)